If you are a...

Customer Care Service

Understanding your frustrations:
  • Do you know how many tickets are on backlog ?.
  • Do you know if you are meeting the customers’ SLAs and expectations ?.
  • How are your agents performing ? Are they equipped with the right knowledge.
  • Are your customers getting what they need from your service agents ?.
  • Do you know how happy your customers with your services and products.
  • How active are your customers putting comments on your social media presence, are they giving good or bad mention after being handled by your service agent ?.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could..
  • You are on top of the status of all your customers service request tickets anytime anywhere.
  • You can match the SLAs to your tickets and how your agents are perfoming.
  • You know how satisfy your customers with your products and service anytime anywhere.
  • Your customers can reach your support through any of their preferred channel, either through phone, chat, email or message.
  • Your agents performance can be monitored and you can rest assured that they have the know-how to support your customers’ requests in a consistent manner.
  • The voice of your customers can be heard through direct feedback, customers survey and social media.