Big Data and Analytics

New Approach of data population: from zero to hero


Today the population of data has evolved into a more complex and voluminous stage that if managed properly can be a powerful asset for organizations for their decision making process.


Though the flow of data remains the same ie.  data needs to be captured, stored, managed and analyzed, the method and approach can not remain the same.

PT PIRANTI TEPAT INDONESIA is working with a wellknown Hadoop partner for Big Data and Analytics requirements in corporations.

Hadoop is a distributed storage and processing data management systems that transformed many corporate enterprises to enjoy the following benefits :

  • Faster performance as the data is stored and processed in a distributed file systems as opposed to one big storage area network.


  • Some organisations find significant reduction in cost because they no longer require big giant storage and server which keep adding to the cost at exponential rate in line with the exponential growth of data.  With Hadoop, the data can be distributed in commodity storage and server in clustered environment.


  • You can have access to 100% of your available data if you wish to by starting with a Data Lake approach, which basically capturing data as is, organize and categorise it for easy searching by users.  Data Lake can also be used as a “staging” area for your datawarehouse as organisations can observe and examine data that is available in their organization before selecting it for datawarehouse consumption.