Automation is a good thing.
But don't forget, it began with Frankenstein

Digitalisation is revolutionising our economy and way of life.
With the emerging technologies and the growing internet users, automation becomes a hot topic as the fourth industry revolution is on the way, forcing many companies to reexamine the way they do business and embark on the journey of digital transformation.
What phase are you now in this journey ?
Where do you start ?
What are at stakes ?

"Our passion is always about how to make things easier and simpler for users, yet sophisticated. Anything that makes tasks become more complicated and time consuming is too expensive"
Amalia Fahmi

By definition, automation is the technique of making a process or a system operate automatically by tools, or electronic devices that may or may not take the place of human labour which ultimately improves companies operational efficiency and effectiveness. While automation is a good thing, if the approach is not careful, it may lead to the opposite. Ironically while automation may seem to replace human in doing tasks, a succesful automation lies greatly in the ability of humans to adapt and adopt to the automation itself as it may change the operational and business model of a company which means doing tasks differently. At Piranti Tepat Indonesia, we focus on automation based on integrated business software solution, starting from automating the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as the foundation of company’s digital transformation. We work together with our customers to identify the needs for automation, evaluate the process and suggest approach that best suit them.

first, automate

Companies that are succesfully running the operation based on manual process, are likely to start the first step of systems automation with a standard departemental Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation that involves limited number of users within the organisation. 

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getting more sophisticated

Taking it to the next level of technology sophistication simply means automate more processes on line and in the systems.  Companies with production factories, multiple warehouses in various locations gain more efficiency by automating the manufacturing process and the warehouse management

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connect your ecosystems

Technology today allows companies to connect with customers and suppliers in more effectively and efficiently in no time.  Showcase your products on line for your customers to view and check stock availability.  Get them to send orders instantly and improve your sales team mobility and productivity.  

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turn your data into information

You can start with a simple daily operational reports with real time information of your current business situation, such as your stock position, your incoming orders, shipping schedules, or get more sophisticated and intuitive with more detailed analysis and insights into your business.  

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