Business Solution (ERP)

All fully integrated in one front and back office system On-premise or in the private cloud.

In order for companies to run smoothly and effectively, business solution software, also referred to as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), plays an important role in any company. It is absolutely critical for business to select the right ERP (best-suited to company’s needs and budget) for their organisation.

PT Piranti Tepat Indonesia is partnering with Exact Software, a Dutch based, ERP software company which have been around in the market since 1984.


Exact provides world class end-to-end business software (Finance, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, Production/Manufacturing, Project Management to name a few).   All fully integrated in one front and back office system across all locations,including business analytics and mobile applications. On-premise or in the private cloud.

Why Exact ?

  • Exact software solutions are almost ready to go out of the box, giving you a powerful tool that is scalable, easy and fast to implement, and cost-effective. Exact is very well know for its fast and easy implementation which takes away the pains of long enduring ERP implementation that companies often endure.


  • Exact Software has been in the market for more than 33 years and continues to evolve aligned with the direction that the industry is heading. Exact continues to explore and embrace technology in the past years.


  • Exact Software offers an integrated business solution software (Exact for ERP Solutions) which consists of :